There’s no excuse for bad grammar—We’re professionals!!

08 Jun There’s no excuse for bad grammar—We’re professionals!!

Yes! We all make mistakes, but I found a way to lessen my mistakes and enhance my writing. Not because I went to school to get another degree and no I didn’t get a quick certification. My solution was simple and easy. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m serious. I do not have to worry if I misspelled a word or missed a comma or used an improper punctuation mark.  Don’t you want to know my secret?

(Cue the drumroll) The secret is! Using Grammarly has changed my life and writing quality. When I began my doctoral study, our professors strongly suggested that we get Grammarly and use it for everything and download it on every device that we own. So I did, and you should too. Don’t make costly mistakes, when there’s a FREE solution.

I’m sure that you’re convinced. So don’t procrastinate, download today!

-Aquisha Harris

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